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Friday, October 10, 2008

E-Learners Paradise !

Never before in my whole life i had an experience like this.
It all started when the very first day i woke up early in the morning and felt like i have that capability to make people understand what i know best.

I made up my mind to go ahead in this field.
Every one was puzzeled how come a computer engineer start teaching students that too online?
He should be in some high post in some software firm.
But the destiny was chosen.
The bell has rung. The lecture has started.
The first student to approach me was pretty smart in all respects. The student was although not confident about the ease with an e-learning environment, but he knew what to do on the first day of the session. He wished me whole heartedly. That was my demo class.
Then started the real experience. Every moment the student felt the emptiness of a blackboard.
He was not able to concentrate. Not comfortable with the situation, he had to leave with an offer to me that if i could teach him at his home.
I was at that point of time about 2800 Kms away from his destination.
That was not really possible. But what i felt that day is E-Learning can ease up life in some respects but the real feel of chalk or marker pen and duster with a black board is still the one thing that a kid need for a class may it be a tution class or a regular class but another thing that i felt too was that the good teachers are always available through this kind of an interface for students who really cherish studies and thus came up with the same old line:
"E-Learning platforms are a Necessary Evil".
I believe this but i dont know about you who ever is reading the post. Do post a reply if you have something to share.
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